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  • Oh Jane! Green Smoothie Habit is beautiful, radiant, humble, smart!

    The book is filled with light! It’s pretty to look at; well organized, beautifully laid out, and easy to follow daily. It’s a green smoothie coach in a book! I love that Green Smoothie Habit is so much more than a recipe book. It holds mysteries and promises for each reader to unfold as we follow the simple directions for each of the twenty-eight days.
    Well done, Jane! A dream achieved! With green love, Rebecca
  • Hi Jane - Green Smoothie Habit has arrived!!

    Feeling mean and green now!
    EA Heelan
  • Jane! Got my book!

    Already marking it up with notes and ideas. Dated the inside page with "September 11, 2013 Today my life begins!" Making a shopping list and on my way!!!
    Thank you! Debra
  • I received my book a few days ago and can't wait to do this challenge.

    The book is so well put together. You've thought of everything needed to transform our mind, body and spirits into health.... minus the physical exercise (hahaha). I've been following along with your videos for a long time now so I think I'll bless someone with the gift of your book.
    Well done Jane.... blessings
  • Jane:

    Your book has arrived: GREEN SMOOTHIE HABIT. It is absoultely fantastic!
    Bravo! MrBluoct
  • I got your book yesterday, reading it all now, so well written and inspiring!

    Started back on my green smoothies yesterday! I had some cardiac surgery so ready to feel good again. So far it feels amazing to be doing something so good for me.
    Thank you so much! Candis
  • "Got my book Tuesday.

    I ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ it!"
  • I absolutely Love Your Book So Far!

    Looking forward to learning much more!
    Thank you! Barbie
  • I ordered 5 copies of Green Smoothie Habit yesterday.

    Your book inspired me to get the green smoothie thing going again. I went out and bought some ingredients and a new cool container with a straw. It's fabulous, you are fabulous.
    Un abrazo, Sally
  • Jane, I received your book yesterday and I'm half done... I love it!

    Replace fear with action and grief with purpose. Beautiful! Exactly the stage in my life where these words are dear to me. I felt your caring energy put into this book and all that you do, so thank you.
    I tell everyone about you! Your book's inspiring! Jodes
  • Dear Jane, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your new book.

    I have read it from cover to cover and I have now completed my first week of smoothies. I find myself doing what you do – sniffing at the blender and enjoying the fresh scent. It's pretty funny. You've turned green smoothies into an adventure and each day I am excited to see what that day's recipe will be like.
    Congratulations on your new book! Rebecca Kochenderfer Senior Editor & Co-Founder Homeschool.com, Inc.
  • I love your book Green Smoothie Habit!

    I love your book and videos, excellent. I have a Green Smoothie every night instead of supper. I have absolutely got into the habit. So easy and tasty!! Thank you.
    Sally. In the UK.
  • I’m so delighted that I found you and your videos!

    I’ve been exploring green smoothies and green juices for the past three years, and I’m so delighted that I found you and your videos! I love how much more energy and joy greens (and fruits) bring into my life. This note is to thank you. Your videos are fun, uplifting, motivating, and the perfect lengths! And there are so MANY videos–I feel like a kid in a green candy store. I want to try ALL of the recipes you’ve so generously taken the time to video tape. Looking forward to watching your videos ongoingly!
    Debra, writer, editor and writing coach
  • I committed to drink a green smoothie everyday...

    ...the thing I noticed most was how smooth and soft my skin had become. As we age, skin tends to get dry. My face feels like I’ve just had a facial, everyday. My arms and legs are not dry. This is a true testament to the nourishment and hydrating quality in what Jane calls the waterful foods. My Vita-Mix, greens and I have become a real team!
    Carol, www.veganrecipesforhealth.com
  • I am finally learning to let go and find peace in the kitchen.

    Completing your green smoothie plan has been an absolute privilege and delight. Most especially I feel after a lifetime of facing various issues around the how/what/when/why of food that I am finally learning to let go and find peace in the kitchen. I highly recommend your plan to everyone! Your knowledge and clarity have helped guide me to a place of health and self worth I haven’t been to in ages. So once again thank you so much. ‘clink’ …
    heads up greens down from Sarah down under
  • I am addicted to green smoothies and your videos.

    Hi Jane, thank you so much for taking the time to make and share your videos and recipes. I feel fabulous since I started drinking them, and the weight is falling off. I have more energy now than I’ve had in years. Thanks again!
  • Jane’s green smoothie plan has taught me so much.

    If I was to single out three things of value, I would have to say: My confidence levels in using my Vitamix and creating my own recipes have soared. The value of ‘going green’ – that is, drinking cleansing, refreshing green smoothies. Last, but not least, Jane provides a wonderful, supportive community where we can share our triumphs, our joys, our sorrows together.
    Toni from the U.K.
  • I’ve lost nearly 5 lbs. drinking green smoothies in the morning and at lunchtime.

    I just wanted to let you know that your blog is great and it’s especially nice to see videos of smoothies being made. After getting a Blendtec blender as a mother’s day present, I’ve been getting my greens and fruit whereas before my diet was atrocious with mostly processed and junk food, sodas and coffee. It hasn’t been easy breaking away from that type of food due to cravings, but I realized yesterday that it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve had any caffeine- hooray! Slow but steady wins the race, since I’ve lost nearly 5 lbs. drinking green smoothies in the morning and at lunchtime. My 2 year old likes to watch you, too :)
  • I bought myself a VitaMix and have smoother skin.

    A month after I began drinking green smoothies daily, I saw my cosmetologist, who was so amazed at the change in my skin in a month’s time that she started telling all her clients about green smoothies. They have made such a difference in my life. Besides the skin being more moist and smooth, I’m sleeping better and have more energy. My husband and I are going on a 10-day cross-country ski trip in a few days and we’re taking the VitaMix with us. Fortunately, we are going with dear friends who are also “addicted” to green smoothies. So, we’ll all have a lovely time sharing our recipes! Thank you so much for your website. You are living proof of the vitality and joy to be had from such a good nutritional practice.
  • I have looked at zillions of sites and yours is the only one I return to every day.

    I have got lots of my friends to subscribe to your site and we talk about greens all the time. We teach at a school in Athens, Greece though most of us are originally from the UK. Your site is practical and helpful and I love the way you have freed me from the tyranny of following a recipe by the gram. Yesterday, I did what you have taught me and had a look in the fridge and made something new up! I mixed apricots with frozen cherries, fresh pineapple and mild greens and it was delicious. On Tuesday at school we are having a “Share a Shmoothie Shtuesday” where we (the teachers) will all bring in our favourite smoothie to share. I am lucky enough to be going snorkeling today! Snorkeling and smoothies, what a marvelous life.
    Love from Beth
  • Your videos are so inspiring!

    Three weeks ago I got a VitaMix blender and my life has already taken a huge turn for the better. I’ve been overweight most of my 25 years, and I am convinced this is going to be the way I finally lose the weight. Three weeks of green shakes, whole food protein shakes, VitaMix veggie soups, and lean meats, and I can already feel the pounds melting away. My kitchen is transformed into a bountiful garden in March, my life has been energy-infused in only a few short weeks, and I have you to thank for it. I can’t even begin to tell you what it means to me to be able to eat and drink guilt-free. I may still have a way to go, but without the guilt, I feel as if a hundred pounds was lifted off my shoulders already. Thank you again for your inspirational videos and delicious VitaMix recipes. You and that blender are a miracle team!
    All the very best, Briana, opera singer
  • Without even trying I lost about 12 pounds in 6 weeks.

    You are singlehandedly responsible for getting me to drink green drinks. I’m a 26 year old guy, in good shape, and have always taken care of myself, but in the last six or seven weeks the only thing I’ve done differently is incorporate drink recipes from your show into my diet. I didn’t take away anything else. I weighed myself for the first time in a while and without even trying I lost about 12 pounds in 6 weeks. I’m pretty sure that it’s all due to the drinks you’ve introduced me to. Not only do I feel better, sleep better, and have a lot more energy, but I have also been getting compliments on my skin. You’ve honestly helped me improve the quality of my life in less than ten minutes a day.
    Thank you so much, Daniel
  • Thank you, thank you Jane...

    ...for giving me back the courage to be myself and to not be afraid of what others think. I thank you for letting me see me for who I really am and not to worry about the weight I may lose or not!! At first, when I started your plan, it was all about losing a few more pounds, but now it is all about the energy and health and nutrition. My skin is absolutely glowing and that makes it hard to stop smiling. I turn 46 tomorrow and I am happy to do so. I love life and have a lot left to enjoy!!
    Glowing from green to green, Carrie
  • Green Smoothie Heaven

    I'm on my way to "Green Smoothie Heaven" once again. Since heading back to this website and reading all of the wonderful recipes, thoughts and ideas, I am now motivated and cannot wait to start back on my Green Smoothies. I'm heading to the grocery store tonight to get what I need to start my "Green Journey" right away. Those delicious, vitamin-packed smoothies are calling my name. Thanks for your support, and all of those awesome, nutritious recipes! I'll be a daily visitor.
    Maria S.
  • Good morning, everyone!

    I joined this wonderful site this weekend after being so thrilled to have found it. I purchased a Vitamix just before Christmas and have been enjoying blending more greens than I probably have ever eaten in my life. I enjoyed my Sunday by trying one of Jane's Beauty Waters....an orange, a handful of grapes, some broccoli and 6 cups of water. I drank that, then made a smoothie later in the day, and was satisfied ALL day. I woke up this morning with NO caffeine headache. I'm utterly astounded. Health to you all!
  • Jane, I found something to keep my mind occupied while rebounding!

    I keep my rebounder under my bed, so I put my laptop on my bed and watched several of your videos while rebounding. Pretty cool, huh? I'm recovering with some beauty water that I made with 1/4 cup soaked goji berries, 1 inner stalk celery, and 1 small peeled lemon...over ice. It's not sweet and I find that very refreshing. I could probably even add a little more lemon. I'm on my 6th day...baby steps. Thank you so much.
  • I have lost a total of 25 pounds from drinking more greens.

    Found you on Facebook and listened to a few of your YouTube recordings. I purchased a Vitamix on QVC and have used it since 12/2 and I have lost a total of 25 pounds already from drinking more greens, and omitting sugar, flour, etc. My smoothie is rainbow chard, carrots, apples, 1/2 banana, spinach, and parsley. I recently started adding ground flax seed. I tend to have a lot of allergies, food, pets, etc, and hoping getting healthier will alleviate some of the allergies.
    Bright blessings, Deb
  • I just opened my first young coconut.

    It was a breeze thanks to you! To the coconut water and the meat, I added a fresh mango, about 5 frozen pineapple chunks (I buy a whole pineapple and cut it up to have on hand in freezer), and a big handful of power greens I got at Whole Foods. It is heaven! All I am missing is the island and the ocean!
    Jeanne O.
  • Jane - this is so delicious I don't want it to end...

    ...every time I put the glass down I pick it right back up... and now... darn, there it all goes! I made mine with Meyer lemon I found at Costco, however I just ordered organic Meyer lemons from the Lemon Ladies. My lemons will be hand picked from their orchard tomorrow and shipped Monday. This delightful lemon is a cross between a lemon and mandarin orange and you can eat the whole thing, rind and all.
    Linda P.
  • Your Beauty Waters

    This is so much better than plain water. I have tried many combinations, my favorite is cucumber, carrot, spinach, parsley, a few grapes, and a little piece of lemon, mmmm, thanks Jane, this is such a great idea. I keep some green tea ice cubes in the freezer, pour your Beauty Water over them to add even more anti-oxidants.
  • I love watching your videos and seeing how much energy and excitement you have.

    Just wanted to say that I've had my Vitamix for one week. I've eaten more vegetables/greens this week than I ever have. In one week I went through a bunch of parsley, bunch of spinach, carrot tops, bunch of swiss chard, cilantro, not to mention the fruits! And it's winter here in Canada, so imagine what I'll come up with in the summer time. Please keep doing what your doing - you are very motivating.
  • Robusto Tomato Soup

    This soup is SOOOOOOOOOOOO incredible!!!!! I just made it and I am beyond thrilled! Perfect for bringing to work for lunch and I can't wait to pair it up with a grilled cheese sandwich. Thanks, Jane - you rock!
  • Creamy Kale Ice Cream

    Hi Jane! I just made your Kale Ice Cream for the first time and it was fabulously delicious:) Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I cannot wait to make it for my family this evening!
  • I was a smoothie novice...

    ... and had rejected greens in general except for broccoli and the occasional summer salad, so I followed Jane's plan. I love that Jane encourages slow and steady, paying attention to what is happening to our taste buds, bodies, and energy as greens have their way with us. My body adjusted, and began to crave greens (in addition to the smoothies)...salads, soups, sorbets...who knew that Rebecca could ever love greens?!
  • Dear Jane, I'm one of the "quiet ones."

    This is my first posted comment. A few months ago, I bought a Vita Mix and stared at it unsure what to do with it. It stared back. Then I heard a whisper: "google vitamix and kale". I watched your All Hail Kale video on Youtube. I just tried your Cara Cara orange and spinach smoothie. I took two sips, and could be quiet no longer. Thank you for all your hard work and all the green knowledge and life wisdom you share with us all.
  • Finding your site was serendipity.

    I bought a Vitamix last week, minus the Getting Started books, and have been searching for ideas using what ingredients are available here in the United Arab Emirates. My search found you and mango, purslane and parsley which I immediately made. Your enthusiasm is impressive, I hope it's contagious!
  • THANK YOU for your site and your passion for greens.

    I've never seen anyone so in LOVE with greens and your creations than you before, and for that fact alone I continue to subscribe! My daughter, Victoria, has been watching me drink Beauty Water like it's going out of style. Simply put, it's the best thing we've been addicted to... EVER!!!
  • Thanks so much for being an active voice.

    Hi Jane, I have experienced such awesome energy, vigor, peace and freedom of mind since I bought my Vitamix and blend my daily healthy life giving elixers six months ago. I start everyday with a green smoothie and will continue to do so for the rest of my life! I have turned on so many of my friends to green smoothies and they all notice a HUGE difference in their health and vitality when they make the effort. I think your videos and website is very clear, fun and easy to follow. Not to mention inspirational, so thank you!
  • Cilantro Sorbet

    Hi Jane, I made your Cilantro Sorbet tonight and all I have to say is WOW! I don't think I've ever tasted anything like this, ever. I used green grapes and a handful of cilantro and garnished with the jalapeno pepper. The flavors blended together in such an unusual and refreshing flavor which is spicy but cool. Love it. Thanks for the great recipe.
  • I LOVE your website!

    I've had my Vitamix for a week and a half and I've been blending up a storm! I recommended you to my friend, who ordered her Vitamix through your site. It just arrived yesterday...HOORAY!!! A second friend is dreaming about one for Christmas, so I'll definitely send her to you as well! I know you hear this all the time, but who can ever receive too many positive affirmations? Thank you so much for your wonderful website. I believe certain people are put on this earth to heal our minds, bodies and spirits! You are definitely one of them, and you're doing a beautiful job!
  • Hi Jane,

    We just got our VitaMix and have made your mushroom soup and caramel shake recipes. We love them. Thanks so much.
  • I love all your videos.

    Hello, Jane: Just wanted to say hi and to let you know how much I love all your videos. I tried many of your recipes and they are all great. Thank you very much for all your wonderful advice. My kindest regards and best wishes.
  • I just received my Vita-Mix and made my first smoothie.

    Hi Jane, I wanted to thank you for all your time and effort you put into your website and all the great recipes. I found you while searching on YouTube for green smoothie recipes. My wife and I already juice daily but I have always wanted a Vita-Mix. Now we have one. All your videos I watch, I hear you exclaim how good they are, but now i can testify... THEY ARE! All the best, and God Bless.
    Joe in Ohio
  • I have lost 12 lbs.

    My name is Sara and I am 53 yrs. young thanks to you. I started drinking smoothies (GREEN) in just the last 2 months. I try to drink at least 1 blender full a day. I have lost 12 lbs. within that time. I think I can do this, and go on to lose more. Dieting has never worked for me, I have always been heavy. This is the first time in my life that I feel confident I will lose more and keep it off. My body feels full and nourished!
    Again, thanks so much for all your info, Sara
  • Thanks for all the videos, I love them, love them, love them!

    I found your YouTube channel several days ago, and have been watching all the videos one by one and I love them all! I'm planning to get my very first VitaMix on Thursday!! I've been drinking green smoothies for a while, but not as smooth as the VitaMix can make them. I do my best to rotate the greens, but proper greens are tough to get around Israel; surprisingly enough, Kale was no where to be found until about 2 weeks ago...
    Yours, Liat
  • Your enthusiasm is contagious and makes me want to try new recipes.

    I just wanted you to know how much I have really enjoyed your videos. I've had my vitamix for about 8 years but have barely used it until I started watching your videos a couple of weeks ago. I use my vitamix every day now and can tell that I just feel better. Thank you so much. I look forward to being an avid follower of yours.
    Thanks, Wally
  • I find it exhilarating to have a streak going of drinking my greens!

    Hi Jane, I appreciate your positive energy and look forward to learning all I can! My first spinach smoothie was on April 2nd of this year. I have had a Green Smoothie every single day since, with the exception of June 28th, when we had very bad storms and lost power - no power, no VitaMix! I find it exhilarating to have a streak going of drinking my greens! I am grateful for your info and your videos. You are a gift to me!
    With love & gratitude, M.C.
  • I am very grateful to you.

    Dear Jane, I wish to let you know that I am very grateful to you and your generosity in sharing your recipes. It is really delicious and helps me start losing the weight I piled up during the menopause. I love your beautiful smile and you look really young and fresh, which demonstrates that what you eat is healthy. I am also trying to help mature women to feel good with themselves. My foundation is UNIVERSAL GRACE FILMS. Lots of love and thanks again for all your genuine care for us!
    Blessings, sister Lucy
  • I DID IT!

    Hi Jane, I just had to let you know that I just purchased my first VitaMix! I can’t wait to receive it....so excited! Thank you for your wonderful videos and your inspiration. It’s amazing how much better I feel since I’ve started drinking my greens. I went on vacation and didn’t have a green smoothie for a week and I can’t believe how sluggish and tired I felt. I couldn’t wait to get back home and start making them again. Now that I’ll be getting my VitaMix, I’ll be even more excited and motivated to make them!
    Thanks again...for everything! Maria
  • I Just Had To Tell Somebody!

    I don't know how I stumbled across your site, but I'm glad I did. I could not afford the Vita-Mix, however you said "Start Somewhere, Do Something." With that I started with your Cucumber Ginger Detox, then your Exitus Elixir with the grapes. The other day my 22 year old co-worker said to me you don't act or seem like other 50 and up women I know. You move like you are my age. (Smile) Jane, I feel free. Thank you again for getting out there and talking/talking/talking.
    For me you have been a God Send. Enjoy your Blessings, M.
  • I was so freed up!

    Hi Jane! I was so freed up when you encouraged in one of your videos to 'make up your own' from 'what's in the fridge or the garden.' I'm trying to at least write them down and take a pic every now and then of the wonderful and sometimes 'not so wonderful' drinks I've been concocting! thanks to you!
    Thanks muchly, and greenly too! Ann
  • I am just beginning a new life...

    Hi Jane! I am just beginning a new life of using a vitamix and lots of fruits and veggies. I love your site and enthusiasm! You are an inspiration!
    Thank you so much! Becca
  • I was nearly in tears.

    Hello Jane, I have a VitaMix and it is wonderful for so many recipes. My daughter bought one and feels the same about hers. The other day I called her and was nearly in tears. It had shut itself off and I thought it was broken. My daughter assured me that it would come back on again, and so it did! I was smiling again! We live in the West Indies and make our smoothies from Spinach, Chinese Choi, or other green veggies. Do keep up your wonderful work – you truly seem to enjoy every moment of it and just look so healthy and radiant.
    Sincerely, Christine
  • My fiancée and I hosted a dinner party for 12 and served your Mango "Ice Cream" for dessert.

    Everyone loved it. We made a couple of batches ahead of time and scooped it into 12 dessert bowls, covered them with plastic wrap and put them in the freezer. When we were ready for dessert, they were ready to serve. We've recently changed our diet to one of more whole foods and this healthy dessert was delicious and satisfying.
    Thanks, Sheryl
  • I am 3 days in to enjoying green drinks!

    These are the first tasty green drinks I have ever made.
    Thank you, Kim
  • I have been on a long journey concerning my weight and health.

    Several years ago, I weighed 270. I've done the emotional work, the Spiritual work, the physical work, now I'm working on the cellular level. All of this work has been upheld by my strong faith. I've been through Lyme Disease and I now have Type 2 diabetes with peripheral neuropathy and cognitive dementia. I now weigh 185. My concern is no longer my weight, but my health and well-being. I want to thank God for bringing awesome people into my life, like Jane.
    I am 52 and not giving in to "old age." Victoria
  • First off, LOVE your videos!

    And how you describe the taste at the end of each video; apparently I do the exact same thing when I eat, haha. I love food. I've become health conscious and recently purchased a VitaMix and have been enjoying experimenting with different recipes for soups, juices, and smoothies. I tried your Nectar of the Gods sweetener, and it's amazing!
    Cheers, Farah
  • I almost screamed with delight at how easy.

    Hi Jane, having a blast making your recipes. My husband, children (yes, my 13 year old son is part of this now) are drinking a green smoothie everyday. I was so excited to check back in today and see the pita breads. I almost screamed with delight at how easy. I have a business called "Wheat Bags" so have tonnes of food grade wheat on hand (stored in freezers!).
    Thanks, Karen
  • I have been inspired to "fire it up" more often.

    First off, I REALLY enjoy your VitaMix episodes. They are very clear, precise, and unconventional; but most enjoyable is you! Your enthusiasm, earnestness to inform, your evident appreciation for what you are making and tasting come right through the camera. Without your lively personality, the recipes would be less enticing. I have had my VitaMix for years and have "underused" it. Upon discovering your videos, I have been inspired to "fire it up" more often.
  • The one thing that just INSPIRES me so much is the Beauty Water.

    I have been thinking a LOT about your site. I just LOVE it. I've made quite a few things from here, but the one thing that just INSPIRES me so much is the Beauty Water. I tell everyone about your site... my friends, my advising doctors in clinic, all my patients... strangers who look at me like I'm nuts carrying around a half gallon of "swamp water". LOL!
    Thanks, Melanie

    I had just posted about filling out my protocol sheet and realizing that drinking my greens fed my courage to not eat meat with dinner. Then I re-read "The Code" and tada...there you are telling me the same thing. What people read in your articles seems to sink in and become their own. Just thought I'd share this with you. I'm sure you've been told this before, but I felt led to tell you again. You are providing a valuable service on this Earth and you are sure to reap rewards in Eternity.
    Victoria M.
  • Hi Jane, I go to your website nearly every day now.

    Always excited to see what new smoothie, elixir or concoction you have come up with next. I have tried many of them already and am hooked on this way of living. I made the mushroom soup this weekend and loved it. I may have added a little too much almond milk, because it seemed thinner than yours, but I can adjust that the next time.
    Thanks for everything you do, Kathy
  • Start your day the green smoothie way.

    Hello Jane, you do a fantastic job and I hope when you are my age (73) you still feel as well as I do. I certainly do not mind being old or looking old as long as I feel as well as I do. My motto is, "Start your day the green smoothie way."
    Blessings be yours, Jan from Scotland
  • Keep up the good work!

    I love your videos. I can understand everything you say and can look up your recipes on your web site.
    Best regards, Darlene
  • Current smoothie goals...

    ...lose weight, be healthier, clearer thinking, clear out the physical clutter in my body, develop better food preferences, reduce cravings, which opens the way to other amazing things happening, right??
    Hugs to you. You totally rock. Kris
  • "Good Stuff"

    I became a vegan about 8 months ago and I did juicing but worried about losing all the "good stuff" in the process. A family member had a Vitamix and I just bought one so I'm really excited to start this. It's just me so the major challenge is that there is extra. I froze the left over and brought it to work and by noon it was like sorbet and it was so good.
  • I am 58 and female.

    I would like to feel vibrant and alive and drinking pure health in a Vitamix is a must.
  • I love...

    ... green smoothies and your videos!
  • THE reason I bought that very expensive blender.

    I admire your mission. Your Youtube videos are THE reason I bought that very expensive blender. I have noticed a difference in my 45 year old "beginning to fail" eyesight since I started the smoothies. I share them regularly with friends when they come over for a visit.
    Peace and light to you, Lilli
  • My goal...

    ... to eat healthier, maybe enough to help my allergies (just hay fever stuff) and to lose some weight. (I really need to lose 50 lbs.) Alot! Your videos are really helpful.
    Thanks so much, Pat
  • I need a change in mindset.

    Spinach and kale will never taste like a chunk of chocolate cake. I decided there is a difference between an interest in my health and a commitment to my health. Change your mindset and you will change your need for chocolate cake. How to change is the key. That is my struggle.
    Love your videos! Julie
  • You have singlehandedly brought my Vitamix to life!

    My goal is to blend daily without it taking tremendous thought and time to do it. You've already helped me immensely in this area.
  • I love to make fruit and veggie drinks!

    I have gotten used to and obtained a love for drinking my greens and felt what it does for me.
  • Hi Jane! I have a bit of a story to tell.

    I toyed with the idea of getting a Vitamix blender for a few months. I knew the blender would be worth the price, but would I use it or would it sit idle on my counter like my juicer? WELL Miss Jane, I took the idea seriously after watching a live demo of the blender at Costco AND after watching you on YouTube. A few days after watching (probably ALL) your videos I bought one!!! It arrived 3 days ago and I have been practically living on your Beauty Water recipes! I love them. They are just what I needed to keep me hydrated and satisfied.
    Good job, Jane, and thank you! Joyce
  • You are a great help for I just got my Vitamix this week.

    I tried to follow some of the "Vitamix-Presenter" videos (they are great) but guess I got carried away with the ingredients...my kitchen is just too small for all the good stuff I want to put into the Vitamix. Now you suggest to keep it simple - YES - that's what I need to try next. Thanks a lot - you and your recipes/vids are a great help.
    Be blessed, Anne
  • We are having sooooo much fun.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your site. You are a treat to watch, sat with my 15 year old daughter and we just enjoyed ourselves so much. Then we headed into our kitchen where our new Vitamix lives and went for it! Thank you so much for all your wise knowledge, enthusiasm and your gift of sharing this free. I just can't stop watching..... well only to mix up something new.
    Thank you! Karen x
  • I started my journey into the 'green' world after purchasing a new VitaMix 5200.

    Words cannot express how awesome your sites/info/videos are. I have been searching the web for weeks and have seen dozens of sites/vids, BUT, you/your site/your vids are number ONE. I wish you had a collection of all your videos on a dvd!!! Thanks again for blessing me and the world with your knowledge and your willingness to share it.
    Blessings abound, Jo
  • I'm 55 and struggle with keeping my weight stable.

    I really enjoy your videos and have learned a lot from them. I also believe we need to get in our greens, which is why I've started making your Beauty Waters - one more way to get them in. There is so much to learn about eating healthy and it's an ever changing and exciting journey. Thanks Jane!
  • What I know for sure...

    ...is that I lowered my cholesterol 67 points in a matter of 2-3 months simply by blending and mending. I love your videos and recipes.
  • My girls, 9 and 6, and I love your videos!

    I want it to become our habit to DRINK our greens like it is to brush our teeth and wash our faces. I want them to be the ones at softball with an odd green drink that their friends ask them about and we lead them to your site.
    Best of luck, Kristi
  • I bought myself a Vitamix!

    I have just begun using your videos to help me become comfortable with my machine to educate myself on the different fruits and veggies. I find drinking my greens a thing I CAN do. P.S. I love the almond milk!
    I really enjoy your website and videos, Scarlett
  • Green Smoothie Habit has arrived and I was up late reading.

    Jane, congratulations on the book, it really is very informative. I am looking forward to a happy, healthier, energetic me.
    Have a nice day! Juliette
  • Jane, I'm so excited!

    I woke up this morning to an email saying that Amazon has charged my credit card. I look and saw that it was your book. Yay! Have a great day, and as I said before, MUCH success with your book!
  • I am loving Green Smoothie Habit!

    Got it today!!!
  • Just finished Green Smoothie Habit. Wow, am I impressed.

    It's cohesive, inspirational, interactive, focused, readable with your voice so clearly coming through. I am getting a Vitamix, writing my dreams down, and finding my lumen.
  • Dear Jane,

    I am watching your wonderful videos and have read the first 35 pages of your book, Green Smoothie Habit. So inspiring and nicely written. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK!!
    Love and blessings, Afsaneh, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Dear Jane, I absolutely love Green Smoothie Habit.

    I have different books on green smoothies. This is my favorite, very simple and delightful!
  • I bought my Vitamix with the goal of making green smoothies but without a clue of how to go about it.

    Your common sense approach led me through all the early experimentation and provided guidance and support when it was most needed. I still have a green smoothie for lunch every day - I am quite sure that your enthusiasm and encouragement made the initial conversion possible and the ongoing addiction a reality.
    With kind regards and much appreciation, Pamela
  • Hi Jane - I bought a Vitamix and I love it!

    I have a green smoothie for lunch and I make a jar of beauty water and drink it during the day. My favorite beauty water so far is cucumber and parsley.
    I have more energy and feel fantastically beautiful! Ann
  • Hello Jane, I'm so glad I came across your site.

    I think you are just darling. Sooooo enthusiastic and I am going to open my first coconut today based on your video! I expect to learn a lot from you...
    Thx so much.... Lynda
  • Just wanted to say I am thrilled to see your new book Green Smoothie Habit.

    I have been drinking green smoothies every day for over a year now and you have provided tremendous support, ideas and encouragement. I look forward to following your latest!
    So thank you and good luck! Caryn

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